Let’s Pack Your Dance Floor

You deserve nothing but the best for your special occasion. Our full time DJ’s are leaders in their craft. Extensive musical knowledge, creativity and incredible talent give our DJ’s the edge. We are committed to providing the best DJ’s with the latest DJ equipment to deliver high quality results.

We have some of the Best DJ’s On Long Island!

Choose Your Setup

Don’t want your setup to look like everyone else’s? Let design a look that compliments the vision you have of your special day. LED, Rustic, & Custom themed setups are available to fit your venues unique look.


Rustic SETUP

Custom SETUP

Ceremony Music

Although a majority of our clients prefer Live Musicians for their ceremony music, Our DJ’s can provide a mobile sound system, microphone for your officiant & all your ceremony formalities.

Cocktail Music

If a Calypso Band, Jazz Trio, Guitarist or one of our several other live musicians isn’t on your checklist, Our DJ can provide your music for the cocktail hour. Easy listening background music gives your guests a great backdrop to socialize. Have thoughts? Customize your own Cocktail hour playlist and we will make it happen.

Let’s Meet!

Our Free consultation will leave all your questions answered. Our planners will give you their undivided attention and best recommendations based on our extensive experience. We can customize a DJ Entertainment package that hits all your check boxes.

Highly Professional Dj & Emcee State Of The Art Sound System
Ceremony & Cocktail Music Exciting Options & Possibilities

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All in one Package

We have a number of packages to choose from to accommodate any wedding and venue.

To get a better Idea of the packages we provide you may download our Wedding Package. During your free consultation, Our event planners will go over the packages with you. They’ll be able to determine the right wedding DJ package based on your needs, desires and budget.

Your Music Choice

Dancejock Productions extensive music library practically covers every possible musical taste. Our DJ’s are experts at reading the crowd and delivering the right music at the right time. Our music request form allows you to provide our DJ with a list of your favorite Songs, Artists and Genres. They will mix and blend them seamlessly to give you the personal touch you deserve.

Hire Our Experienced DJ For For The Best Experience You’ll Ever Have. 

For more information call (631) 242-0042 or Contact Us and fill out our form!