At Dancejock, we know the value that high-quality music and performance can bring to an affair, and we can offer our knowledge to you in your robust planning. Here is a helping hand and some musical ideas that can assist you with ideas for “First Dances”, “Cake Cuttings”, “Parent Dances” and “Candle Lighting Ceremonies”.

Suggestions for Weddings
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Unity Candle

Couples 1st Dance

Father & Daughter

Mother & Son

Cake Cutting

Garter Removal & Placement

Bouquet Toss

Wedding Video Montage

Suggestions for Youth Events

Memory Candle



By Name

Neighbors / Out of Town

Occupation / Hobbies

Montage – MITZ

First Dance – MITZ

Candle in Title


Brother / Sister

Aunts, Uncles, Cousins